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Application Tape-Siser PSV

Application Tape-Siser PSV

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Application tape is to be used to transfer your adhesive vinyl image to your substrate of choose, leaving no residue behind. 

 Application Instructions:

-Cut the desired about of application tape needed to cover your already weeded adhesive vinyl.

-Remove backing from application tape

- Carefully place application tape on top of you vinyl.

- Burnish with a squeegee masking sure to get the vinyl to attach to the application tape

- Lift the application tape away from the liner of you adhesive vinyl. At this point your vinyl should be releasing from the backing with the application tape.

- Apply application tape to you substrate.

-Use a squeegee to burnish adhering the vinyl to the substrate. 

-Gently remove application tape, leaving vinyl being on substrate. 

That's it your done YOU DID IT!

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