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Love Gnomes Nobounds T-Shirt Transfer

Love Gnomes Nobounds T-Shirt Transfer

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Love Gnomes Nobounds ready to press sublimation t-shirt transfer.


You will receive one ready to press print that is good for one press. You choose type of application you will need below: Please read no refunds or exchanges for incorrect use or order. 

SUBLIMATION: Like you see on the Bleached Shirts

  • Used on white or light colored substrates. The image will NOT show up on black or dark colors. Any other colors other than white may alter the colors when pressed.

  • Your substrate MUST be poly coated or 50-100% poly fabric content. The less the poly content in fabric, the more VINTAGE look you will get. Anything less than 50% will wash out or not press correctly. 

  • Sublimation is the process of dying the substrate therefore your image is permanently IN the substrate… no cracking or peeling to worry about. The image will be mirrored when you receive it. Suggested temp is 385 F for 55 seconds. 


  • Used on white or dark substrates. The image WILL show up on black or dark colors

  • Your substrate can be on cotton, polyester, or blend. 

  • HTV is printed vinyl. It will have a backing and a mask. You will have to remove the backing and press with the mask on (image will not be mirrored) at 305 F for 10-12 seconds. You will peel off mask  hot or cold peel. 

 Washing Instructions:

Wash inside out

machine wash cold

DO NOT dry clean

DO NOT bleach

DO NOT iron

Softener not recommended

Wait 24 hrs to wash after press

Low heat dry


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